Managing our supply chain

PWT Group does not own any factories but cooperate with a range of suppliers; mainly from China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cambodia, Turkey and Portugal.

We work directly with production facilities and via sourcing houses. Our top-50 suppliers represent approx.. 94 % of all orders, and focus is primarily given to these top-50 suppliers.

Our Code of Conduct is based on Danish Fashion & Textile’s Code of Conduct, and describes the sustainability minimum standards that we set for our business partners.

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We do not expect suppliers to overcome challenges over night, but we focus on their ability and willingness to demonstrate continuous improvements – and we feel confident that cooperation and dialogue will result in valuable partnerships.

As a part of our collaboration with suppliers and garment factories, we prioritize to visit the facilities regularly. During the visit, we walk through production floors and discuss identified issues and challenges with the factory management.

We make use of third party audit reports, mainly through the amfori BSCI system. In our perspective, the real value of the third party audits lays in the follow-up dialogue. We spend considerable resources on following up on suppliers’ improvement work. For factories in Bangladesh, we only work with Accord factories, which means that we continuously receive inspection reports on the factories’ building safety, as well as fire and electrical safety.

You can read much more about this work here.