Know & Show Approach

In 2016, PWT Group began implementing the UNGPs, focusing on the concept of due diligence and the Know & Show approach.

We set the same requirements to ourselves as we set to our suppliers:

  • adopt policies
  • conduct regular risk assessments
  • draw up action plans to prevent and mitigate identified risks
  • communicate about findings & preventative and mitigating actions
  • enable access to remedy through a legitimate grievance mechanism

This is a process, which require both time and resources, and we are continously improving our due diligence procedures. We do not expect suppliers to overcome this challenge over night, but we focus on their ability and willingness to demonstrate continous improvements – and we feel confident that cooperation and dialogue will result in more valuable partnerships.

On an annual basis, we draw up a risk overview, which describes the challenges, which the industry and we as a business face, and not least about how we are tackling these challenges. You can find this risk overview in our annual report.

Since 2017, we have circulated self-assessments to suppliers on an annual basis. In 2018, we initiated a partnership with Factlines, providing a web-based solution, which will hopefully result in a strengthened risk analysis, prioritization and reporting on supplier performance.

As a part of our collaboration with suppliers and garment factories, we prioritize to visit the facilities regularly. During the visit, we walk through production floors and discuss identified issues and challenges with the factory management.

Code of Conduct:

Our Code of Conduct is based on the UNGPs and sets forth the sustainability minimum standards that we set for ourselves and our business partners. The Code of Conduct focuses on establishing adequate management systems and a “know and show” approach.

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