Human & Labour Rights

We have not implemented a specific Human- & Labour Rights Policy. However, the area is covered in our CSR Policy Commitment, which refers to The International Bill of Human Rights, including the core labour rights from the ILO declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

amfori BSCI:

We have been a member of the amfori since 2013, and the amfori BSCI platform is actively used as the main social certification system. Suppliers are expected to work with the amfori BSCI (or other social certification systems as SEDEX, or SA8000), and in cases where a factory has not yet initiated the BSCI process, we expect them to join. Suppliers are audited annually by third party auditors, and we use the audit reports to promote dialogue on necessary improvements. In the amfori BSCI system, a supplier can get the result A-E. Acceptable level is A, B or C, or SEDEX or SA8000 certificates.

85% of our top-50 suppliers are at an acceptable BSCI level compared to last year’s 77%. The number of top-50 suppliers at a non-acceptable level has decreased from 10% to 4%. We continue to encourage the 11% of suppliers not yet working with BSCI to join the initiative, and we maintain regular dialogue with the suppliers at a non-acceptable level to provide guidance on potential improvement measures.

CSR BSCI top 50

Figures from 2018 year rapport – Click on image

Bangladesh Accord:

We have been a member of the Accord since 2013 and we are a signatory member of the Transition Accord, which came into force on 1 June 2018. PWT Group is committed to require all active Bangladeshi suppliers to work with the Accord Inspection Programme. Accord engineers continuously conduct inspections covering fire, building and electricity safety at participating factories. The inspection reports are shared with all active brands, which are obliged to support suppliers on creating improvements based on inspection findings.

Accord inspection reports are received and acted upon on a daily basis. The Accord also includes an extensive training programme for the factories’ safety committees. PWT Group encourages suppliers to participate in the training program.