PWT Group

We dress fashion-conscious men in quality clothing from our wholesale company PWT Brands and our two leading menswear chains Tøjeksperten and Wagner. With seven well-known menswear brands, 196 stores in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and China and attractive web shops, we stand out and provide fashion at a fair price – anytime and anywhere.

PWT Group has more than 500 employees and is owned by Polaris Private Equity and the company’s Management and Board of Directors, among others.


With 111 stores, Tøjeksperten is Denmark’s largest menswear chain, providing quality clothing and strong brands from the PWT Brands portfolio and other external designers for fashion- conscious men of all ages since 1968.

The careful selection of products and brands reflects our ambition to maintain Tøjeksperten as the leading menswear chain in the medium price range.


A growing and comprehensive store network in Scandinavia and selected locations in China form the foundation for Wagner’s offering of menswear – ranging from trendy denim to classic fashion.

Established in 1946, Wagner currently has 45 stores in Denmark, 17 in Norway, 7 in Sweden and 20 in China.

The chain offers an outstanding and affordable selection of contemporary fashion and strong brands including Lindbergh, JUNK de LUXE, Shine Original, Bison and Jacks Sportswear Intl.

PWT Brands

Our seven strong brands are sold by more than 1,000 independent retailers and our own retail chains Tøjeksperten and Wagner.

From our headquarter in Aalborg, PWT Brands markets Lindbergh, Shine Original, Jacks Sportswear Intl., JUNK de LUXE, Bison, Morgan and Huzar in more than 20 countries through stores and web shops alike.


Brandstad is the newest installment of PWT Group, and is a premium brand menswear-chain counting 15 stores in Norway and the webshop Brandstad features high-quality and well-known brands in bright and inspiring stores. Brandstad is always first with the newest styles and trends in the jeans category. Our stores are filled with high-quality jeans-brands such as Diesel, Lindbergh, Replay, and Junk de Luxe.